Corrugated Shaker Screen

Corrugated shaker screen is named by his special corrugated form. Its main features are as follows:

These screen products are constructed with two or three layers of 304 or 316 stainless steel wire cloth after compounded and bended, and then combined with a steel backing plate. The wire cloth and bottom steel backing plate are combined tightly, which increases the filtering area up to 120% to 150% than that of hook strip flat screen and gets a better filtering effect.

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Corrugated Screen - 1

Art.No. SJCS1-

Screen Common Model
Model Brand & Model for shaker Mesh Range Dimension (Length x Width) Weight
SJZ-5 FLC2000 Corrugated 20—325 1053×697mm 6.0 kgs
SJZ-6 FLC500 Series Corrugated 20—325 1050×697mm 7.8 kgs
SJZ-7 FLC313M Corrugated 20—325 1165×700mm 6.5 kgs
Corrugated Screen - 2

Art.No. SJCS1-

Corrugated Screen - 3

Art.No. SJCS1-

Corrugated Screen - 4

Art.No. SJCS1-

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