Wind Dust Net

Wind dust net uses steel plate, galvanized plate, PVC color plate and stainless steel plate as the material. Through punching, pressing and coating by mechanical combination of mold. With the character of high strength, good toughness, anti-aging, flame resistant, resistant temperature changing, acid and strong ability to withstand bending, etc.

Wind Dust Net - 1

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Types and specification of wind dust net
3 Types Width Peak Height Plate Thickness Length
Single peak wind dust net 250mm-500mm 50mm-100mm 0.5mm-1.5mm 0-6m
Twins peaks wind dust net 250mm-500mm 50mm-100mm 0.5mm-1.5mm 0-6m
Three peaks wind dust net 810mm 80mm 0.5mm-1.0mm 0-10m

We can produce according to customer's requirements.

Wind Dust Net - 2

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Wind Dust Net - 3

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Wind Dust Net - 4

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Wind Dust Net - 5

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The production of wind dust net:

  1. Shearing and bending: This is the most important step for production. Product quality depends on advanced processing equipment.
  2. Punching: The second step, professional production workers produce high quality perforated products.
  3. Forming: The third step, our production forming equipment is divided into twins and three peaks forming equipment. The length of wind dust net is up to 10 m and even higher.
  4. Washing: The fourth step, ready for electrostatic spray. The washing effect directly affects the quality of surface spraying.
  5. Electrostatic spray: The fifth step. The process of electrostatic spray ensures our products non-corrosive under all kind of harsh environments.


  1. Anti-UV (anti-aging). The products surface through spray plastic, can absorb UV from sunshine and reduces the speed of oxidation, which make our products have good anti-aging and extend its service-life. At the same time, because of allow low UV, it can avoid the damage from the sunshine.
  2. Good flame retardant. The metal plate have good ability of flame retardant and can meet the demands of firefighting and safety production.
  3. Impact resistance. Products have high strength and withstand the impact of hail. In the impact strength test, a 1kg steel ball free fall away 1.5 m from the peak height of crest. The results proved that our products neither be fractured nor run through.
  4. Anti-static. The products surface through the process of electrostatic spray, after irradiation by sunlight, oxidation and decomposition, organic contaminants will not stain the products surface. In addition, it is easy to wash by rain and has the effect of washing by itself without adding additional cost.

Application of wind dust net:

Wind dust net is mainly used for coal mines, coking plants, power plants and other enterprises plant reservoir coal yard; ports and harbors, coal storage field and a variety of materials field; iron and steel, building materials, cement and other enterprises of various open-air yard; crops against wind, weather, dust and other harsh environment desertification; rail, road transport of coal set point storage coal yards, construction sites, road dust, along highways and so on. Single-layer wind dust effect of the wall up to 65 ~ 85%, double-wall effect of wind and dust up to 95% or more.

The use of premises:

  1. Power plants, coal mines, coking plants, coal washing plant and other enterprises in the coal storage yard.
  2. Ports, terminals and a variety of coal storage yard field.
  3. Iron and steel, building materials, cement and other enterprises of various open-air yard.
  4. Rail, highway coal Cargo Station coal storage yard.
  5. Construction sites, temporary construction of road works site.
Wind Dust Net - 6

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Wind Dust Net - 7

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Wind Dust Net - 8

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Wind Dust Net - 9

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