358 Security Fence

Why is it called 358 mesh fencing: '358' comes from its measurements 3" x 0.5" x 8 gauges which equates to approx. 76.2 mm x 12.7 mm x 4 mm (Length x height x diameter) in metric.

358 security fences are extremely difficult to penetrate, with the small mesh aperture being effectively finger proof, and extremely difficult to attack using conventional hand tools. 358 fences are recognized as one of the most difficult to break through the barrier, because it is difficult to climb. It is called security fencing and high-strength fencing. 358 security fencing panel can be bent in part to enhance the aesthetic effect.

While 3510 security fencing has many of the attributes of 358 security fencing and its main strength is it's lighter. Using 3 mm wire instead of 4 mm allows even better visibility allowing a wider variety of applications. It's lighter and cheaper so it's ideal for commercial applications.

358 Security Fence - 1

Art.No. SJ358-


  • ANTI-CLIMB: More small openings, no toe or finger holds.
  • ANTI-CUT: robust wire and welded joints make cutting very difficult.
  • BETTER VISIBILITY: flat, two-dimensional profile, easier to see through than chain link.

Finish treatment: There are two treatment types: hot-dip galvanized and plastic coated.

The colors of plastic coated are mainly green and black. Each color is available according to your requirement.

Connection type of host and fence panels, as follows:

358 Security Fence - 2

Art.No. SJ358-

Specifications: 1/2" x 3" x 8 gauge, 1" x 3" x 8 gauge. Panel size from 2 m to 4 m. finish by hot dipped galvanized or powder coated after galvanizing. Any color is available.

358 fence applications:

  • Bridge anti-climb guarding & guard safety screening
  • Sub-station security fencing
  • Psychiatric hospital security fencing
  • Prison security fencing
  • Factory machine guards
  • Walkway security fencing
  • Airport security fencing
  • 358 wire mesh fence gates
  • Shipping port security fencing
  • Electrical sub-station fencing
  • Water treatment works
  • Gas pipelines security fence
  • High security window grilles
  • Balustrades security fence

358 fence Benefits:

  • Secure and discreet
    A superior system for providing security where a discreet visual impact on the immediate environment is essential.
  • Vandal resistant
    The finger proof aperture combined with 4 mm wire diameter provides a barrier that is difficult to climb or penetrate. Almost impossible to cut wires by use of conventional bolt or wire cutters.
  • Efficient deterrence
    An effective deterrent to intruders available in various heights up to 6 m. Compatible with electronic detection and alarm systems.
  • Good viewing visibility
    In spite of the small mesh aperture the see-through characteristics remain unimpaired when viewed head-on and even at an angle to the fence. This is particularly important for clear camera surveillance.
  • Durability
    The high quality advanced coating technology guarantees an extended product life span and low maintenance.
  • Installation
    The panels are produced at 3.050 m, reducing the amount of posts needed by 20%. Installation time is thus reduced.
  • Weld Strength
    The superior welding technique and process control create a stronger fusion between the wires.
  • Complete system
    Supplied as a complete system with panels, posts and gates - stepped panels available to suit sloping sites.
358 Security Fence - 3

Art.No. SJ358-

358 Security Fence - 4

Art.No. SJ358-

358 Security Fence - 5

Art.No. SJ358-

358 Security Fence - 6

Art.No. SJ358-

358 Security Fence - 7

Art.No. SJ358-

358 Security Fence - 8

Art.No. SJ358-

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